Welcome to the website of the Valachia Business Centre

We provide clients with a comprehensive service that has not been available in the region so far. It is a unique connection of services from areas that every prosperous company needs for its activities.

We offer not only to beginning, but also established entrepreneurs all services in the areas of law, tax and accounting consulting, advertising, marketing and media in one place, close to the busy centre of Zlín. In addition, we also offer the administrative background of the business centre itself. There is a room for meetings, videos and teleconferences. Thanks to a unique, tailor-made reservation system, we also offer the possibility of permanent facilities for the purposes of business meetings, business meetings, including the printing services, refreshments and translation services.

We have a team of experienced professionals with many years of experience in the relevant individual fields. We offer a wide range of services, we are endowed with technology and administrative equipment at a high level.

Law, taxes and advertising
"under one roof"

...this is a unique project for entrepreneurs and companies in the Zlín region brought by the

Valachia Business Centre.

The individual services are provided by:

Law and related agenda:

Experienced lawyers of one of the largest law firms in the Zlín Region, Maršálek & Žíla, law firm


Accounting and tax agenda:

Judicious and prudent tax advisors Ing. Kateřina Bártková and Ing. Michaela Kadlečková from K + M DANĚ, s.r.o.


Advertising and media:

Dynamically growing advertising agency Valachia Promotion s.r.o.


Do not hesitate to contact us

We are not beginners. We have years of experience and a lot of satisfied clients. We manage simple things with an overview, we embark on complex projects with determination and enthusiasm.

We will not charge you for the first information meeting. All payments for our services are always based on a clear and specific joint agreement.

We will be happy to welcome you at Lešetín II 7147, 760 01 Zlín

Contact person:

Mgr. Petr Maršálek, CEO, phone: 605 000 322
Email: marsalek@valachiapro.cz